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AYC LLC Barber Chairs

All products offered by AYC are covered by a limited parts warranty that begins the same day the product is delivered. AYC’s warranty only applies to the original buyer and is nontransferable. AYC’s warranty is only active in the continental U.S. Should a customer require service outside of the designated area then AYC will not be responsible for any shipping fees or duties that may accrue during the service process. In the case of missing parts, customers have 7 days to conduct their inspection and report any missing components.

All Barber Chairs are covered under AYC's 1 Year Limited Parts Warranty. The limited parts warranty offered by AYC does not cover damages incurred by wear and tear, extensive or heavy use, abuse, tampering, modification or mishandling. Commercial standards allow for color variations which AYC has no control over, therefore this warranty does not extend to color, grain, or texture. The warranty does not extend to fading, staining, tears or wear, which have more to do with the environment and care the product was subjected to.

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Buy-Rite Beauty Barber Chairs

All hydraulic bases are covered for a minimum of two years from the date of receipt. Additionally, many of our manufacturers issue extended warranties that greatly increase this base warranty; some can even extend as far as 3, 5, 7, and 10 years!. Please refer to the specific product to confirm the period of coverage. All remaining components, unless noted otherwise, are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of receipt.

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Pibbs Industries Barber Chairs

Pibbs Industries' Equipment and Products are designed and distributed for Licensed Professional use only. Any installations are to be made by a Licensed Professional Contractor or Licensed Plumber.  In addition, all items that are to be affixed to a permanent structure (i.e. wall arm) must be done so by a licensed professional contractor. Proof of such installations must be supported by a copy of a Paid Invoice by the Contractor/Plumber. Failure to follow the above instructions will render any and all warranties NULL AND VOID.

All items manufactured by Pibbs shall be warranted for a period of 12 months after date of purchase.The exception being all Hydraulic Pumps which have a 24 month Warranty Period. Pibbs' Warranty shall be LIMITED TO REPLACEMENT PARTS ONLY!

Any labor costs not performed by Pibbs' personnel that are related to Warranty issues are the sole responsibility of the final purchaser.

Pibbs' Warranty does NOT apply to defect in parts due to ordinary wear and tear, actions of persons or entities other than Pibbs or damages incurred due to transportation of goods. Pibbs' Warranty is NOT transferrable.

Under Pibbs' Warranty, all shipping and handling charges - including courier charges- related to the warranted item shall be the responsibility of the final purchaser. Pibbs' equipment is carefully manufactured and warranted against defects.

All items are carefully inspected and packaged for shipment in perfect condition. In the event that the item has sustained any damage during transport, it is the sole responsibility of the consignee to make a notation regarding the shipment for any visible damages on the delivery Bill of Lading, and to carefully inspect the shipment for any concealed damages which must be reported to the carrier immediately.  Failure to do so will impede the consignee’s efforts to make a proper claim with the carrier as their rules are strictly enforced.

Should an item need to be returned to Pibbs, A Return Authorization Number (RA#) MUST be obtained from Pibbs and be duly noted on all packages and communications. All returns are subject to a MINIMUM 20% RESTOCKING FEE.

Any unauthorized returns will be refused and returned at the consignee's expense.ANY SHORTAGES MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 10 DAYS OF RECEIPT.

Pibbs Industries reserves the right to modify product designs and components WITHOUT prior notice.

Takara Belmont Barber Chairs

- 1-year warranty on the Chair

- 5-year warranty on the Hydraulic Base 

- 3-year warranty on the Electric Base

With over 200 years of combined manufacturing expertise, the Takara Belmont has determined the following construction methods will cause a chair to age prematurely:

  1. Seams in the seat or along the front top edge of the seat. Any sewn seam consists of perforations of the vinyl made by the needle of the sewing machine. Over time, as the vinyl looses its elasticity, it shrinks and becomes more brittle causing these holes to enlarge. When a client slides in or out of the seat over the seam, pressure is placed on that area, resulting in a splitting of the vinyl. Takara Belmont has identified this problem, and if a seam is necessary in the front edge of the seat, a "knife edge" seam is used. This method allows the seam to be placed in the middle of the front edge of the chair, not at the top edge where problems occur.
  2. Mildew. In a salon, moisture is inevitable especially in the shampoo area. Water seeps through the seams and gets trapped on the fabric backing of the vinyl, resulting in mildew which causes fabrics to rot and emit an unpleasant odor if left untreated This is prevalent in many imported chairs transported by ship to the United States due to the extended period they are subjected to high temperatures and humidity. To eliminate this problem, Takara Belmont uses ONLY marine grade vinyl; the same vinyl used on the interiors of boats, which have a special mildew resistant backing.
  3. Improper foam density. If the foam used is not dense enough, resulting in a "soft sitting seat", the vinyl will eventually crack due to a breakdown in the backing. Takara Belmont uses 30 and / or 40 pound density foam in all seats to eliminate any potential problems.

Yanaki (Sewicob International Inc.)

Offers a 1 year warranty on the Yanaki barber chairs which only covers damage to the hydraulic pump. As far as the Yanaki shears, there is a lifetime warranty on them. Yanaki has not had any issues with their shears but if something were to be defective, they would replace them. 

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