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About us

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How the Idea Originated was an idea that came to fruition when one of my closest friends asked for some assistance finding merchandise for his first barber shop. With my previous business knowledge and keen eye, he knew he could trust me to help him find the best barber chairs for this new venture. Unfortunately, we came across a roadblock. As we searched, we were utterly shocked to realize that there wasn’t a single retailer that could cater to his particular needs!

Seeing as the industry was booming and the demand for professional barbers was at its peak, I couldn’t understand how we had so much trouble finding a proper retailer. At this point, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and Bright Barbers was born. 

We understand our customers need top quality products at competitive prices for their businesses, so we supply existing and aspiring owners within the barber, salon, and cosmetics industries with merchandise they can proudly wield. With the demand for these services at a constant high, we believe it’s essential that businesses have access to superior choices.


The Highest Regard for Quality and Affordability

Our top priority is to provide our customers with unparalleled options for barber chairs, clippers, trimmers, and shears. All of our merchandise are from premier manufacturers around the world and are vetted thoroughly to ensure their quality. Bright Barbers never even considers offering up mediocre, bargain products unworthy of your business or your valued customers.


Insight into A Rapidly Transforming Industry

Bright Barbers offers supplies to players within an industry that’s quickly changing and transforming, including the strict demands of its customers. People’s standards have risen, as well as their need for a more modern approach to the craft. Our mission is to ensure that we can provide the most appropriate options to meet current trends so that our clients never miss out on staying on top of their game.


Your Dreams Are Our Purpose

Our service is built on your dreams to create or maintain a strong and fresh business, and we intend to carry out our purpose. With this commitment in mind, Bright Barbers seeks to secure loyalty and will provide all the assistance we can in making your business thrive.

Our team is comprised of visionaries, entrepreneurs, creative IT professionals, and amazing customer support staff. All of our knowledge and advice are at your disposal, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with your inquiries. We can’t wait to hear from you!



Phillip Griego, founder

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