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How to “Never” Buy a Barber Chair Again

Posted by Phillip Griego on

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Running a profitable barber shop business requires that you find ways to cut down costs while keeping profits high. Keeping profits high involves bringing in new and repeat customers consistently.

The beauty of your barber shop and overall effectiveness of your staff will go a long way in how you keep customers coming back. But even if you have the most aesthetically pleasing barber shop and staff who deliver top notch customer service; if your barber chairs are not in good shape, you will end up driving customers away.

That is because the barber chair is the most important piece of furniture in your barber shop, and it is where your customers spend the majority of their time. So, if you don’t want to end up driving customers away with a bad chair and you want to save money in the long term so you don’t end up buying a chair again, then you need to take precautions.

These precautions are:

  • Buy a quality barber chair – if you don’t have one already. (We may be biased but Bright Barbers has a great selection of quality barber chairs at various price points)
  • Maintain your current barber chair so it will last longer. (This is the key. A good barber chair can last generations upon generations if well maintained.)

If you’re just launching your barber shop and you haven’t bought your barber chairs yet, then you will find this article very useful because you get pointers on buying a quality chair and tips on maintaining it.


Tips on Buying a Quality Barber Chair

Barber chairs are one of the most important equipment in a barber shop. And if you want to deliver the best experience to your customers, you need to work with only the best equipment.

Barber chairs are not cheap, especially if you want one with value for your money. So, we suggest you take the time to buy a quality chair because that will save you money in the long run.

Listed below are pointers on what to look out for when shopping for a new barber chair that will last longer and provide comfort for your customers.

  • Make sure the barber chair is made out of a comfortable and high-quality material. This will save you from wear and tear.
  • Make sure the barber chair comes with modern features such as dual reclining levers for versatility and removable headrests that come with an advanced pin system to create a variety of adjustable positions.
  • Make sure the barber chair is functional and not just pretty with bells and whistles like a remote-controlled base and custom vinyl with studs. All the controls that come with it should be useful and applicable to you and your business, otherwise what is the point? It may even come off as tacky.
  • Finally, make sure the barber chair you want to buy is produced by a reputable company and respected brand name. This will help when it comes to looking at the warranty on the chair and parts, getting maintenance done, or even buying the parts yourself.

Keep all these tips in mind when shopping for your barber chair if you want to save your barber shop business from losing money in the long run. If you’re not making money, you’re losing money.

An additional tip to watch out for is the weight of your barber chair. The chair should weigh nearly 150 pounds and range up to 250 pounds. Remember – heavy chairs are a good indicator that you’re getting lasting furniture.


Barber Chair Maintenance Tips

When you take care of your barber chair yourself, you essentially earn yourself years of hassle-free barbering by reducing costs of fixing or re-upholstering.

Whether you have already bought a barber chair prior to reading this article, or you want to use the tips above to buy a quality one – proper care and maintenance are what will increase the longevity of your chair.

Some basic maintenance tips for your barber chair includes:

  • Periodically checking the tightness of all the screws on your barber chair to make ensure everything screws in tight and stays in one piece. This is to avoid any damage to the base of the chair.
  • Keep your barber chair(s) away from extreme temperatures such as direct sunlight, or extreme heat or cold. This will help you to prevent discoloration and hardening of the chair material.
  • If you find yourself working with hair coloring products, make sure you place a cover on the back of the chair and also ensure to wipe the chair clean as often as possible to promote good hygiene.
  • Finally, to ensure your chair keeps its balance, don't let your customers use the footrest as a step. Instead, lower the chair for them whenever they want to get on or off the chair. Doing this will not only save your chair's balance, it is also common courtesy which your customers are bound to appreciate.

If your barber chair is over a year old, then watch out for oil residue which could be caused by leaking hydraulic pump seals. When you notice this, you can either contact professionals to help you fix your chair at a low cost or you can follow the DIY route and tackle it yourself.


Bonus – Barber Chair Cleaning Tips

While maintenance will make your barber chairs last long, proper cleaning will make sure it looks as good as new, regardless of how long you’ve been using it.

Regularly cleaning your barber chair is also good for hygienic purposes and, if it isn’t already, should be part of your every day, shop cleaning routine.

Cleaning your barber chair is as easy as following these simple tips:

  • Using a blow dryer, you can simply force hair out of all the nooks and crannies where build-up usually occurs. And if that doesn't work, a soft brush can easily get rid of those stubborn hair strands.
  • It is better to use soapy warm water when cleaning your barber chair. Simply wipe all the upholstery to remove any dirt. Using chemicals often dry out the chair material (usually leather or vinyl) and this can promote cracking and breakdown of the upholstery.
  • Finally, one of the most disregarded areas, always make sure you clean underneath your chair. Left-over hair always finds a way of getting down there and it can cause damage to the pump seals of your chair if not cleaned properly.

 So, there you have it. The simplest and easiest ways to guarantee you don’t need to ever buy another barber chair again – unless it will be an addition to a successful barber shop business.

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